mKROPA - to all "Minoltians" - please share photos and infos about Minolta/Sony A boyonet lenses START

I'm looking for help with creating this website
Especially I'm looking for:
- Minolta AF lenses photos (alone and attached to a Body)
- Minolta AF lenses technical data
- Minolta AF lenses price data (new and used)
- Minolta AF lenses - reviews, tests and users opinions
- and other things connected to Minolta AF equipment

Please contact me on my e-mail
All kinds of help are welcome.

And If you find some language mistakes please inform me about this. I'm not very good in English.

Here is a set of photos dedicated to each lens data page
1. general view 2. cross-section 3. front view 4. rear view
I have enough here

5. lens hood 6. lens with lens hood 7. min/max lenght of the lens 8. special features

9. with body (top-view) 10. with body (general view) 11. with body and with lens hood 12. bokeh example photos


Short tutorial ;)

0) You need two light sources

You need two light sources

1) Big white piece of paper

Big white piece of paper

2) Sometimes something more ;)

Sometimes something more ;)

3) You need to set correct White Balance and focus

You need to set correct White Balance and focus

4) You should get photos similiar to this (shadows is not a problem)


5) If everything goes fine you will get results like here


Here is an example page for Minolta AF 75-300/4.5-5.6

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