MINOLTA AF 28-135/4-4.5  - cross-section

1. Technical data

2. Lens photos

Taken from www.mir.com.my

3. Lens photos with body

4. Example photos made using this lens

bokeh - 135mm F4.5 - (c) Wo_os from KKM forum

bokeh - 28mm F5.6 - (c) Wo_os from KKM forum

5. Opinions and comments

Two words about working with Dynax/Maxxum 7 Digital:
"Works fine without any problems. I was supraised by good quality of pictures taken with this lens. AF speed is average but this lens is faster than others from first serie. In comparison to 28-85, 70-210 i 35-70. Rear focusing with new motor is working fine. "

HenrykG (KKM forum member)

6. Grades of this lens from different magazines/web pages

PhotoZone review (English)

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