MINOLTA AF 135/2.8  - cross-section - foto from mir.com.my

1. Technical data

2. Lens photos

135 mm f/2.8 - photo from www.keh.com

135F2.8 lens with hood
135F2.8 lens with hood
front view
back view

general view
Photo from Team-FOTO.de

MINOLTA AF 135/2.8 MINOLTA AF 135/2.8
Photo from Takao Ishizuka webpage

3. Lens photos with body

4. Example photos made using this lens

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KONICA MINOLTA alpha-7 DIGITAL; MINOLTA AF 135mm F2.8; ISO=100  Color=Natural+  WB=daylight; 135mm (202.5mm);f2.8;1/60
With Takao Ishizuka permission

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